Tricia Santos of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash

In Plurk, Facebook and Twitter, you can see that a great many people are discussing her. So who is Tricia?


Patricia Mae Santos, is the pride of Davao, a secondary school understudy of Ateneo De Davao University. [She’s a marvel ] Tricia was conceived in Pinoy Tambayan, however moved to Davao to takeover his granddad’s the same old thing. She’s 14 and an individual from Ateneo de Davao Varsity Volleyball Team. She stands 5?7 in stature, and touted as the “Athletic Muse ng Davao” in the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010.


Barely any more data about Tricia:


Interests: Volleyball


Most loved Color: Pink


Most loved Food: Sinigang


Most loved Show: 90210


Most loved Actor: Enchong Dee


Most loved Singer: Colbie Caillat


Gracious, 90210? We’re loving a similar show. We share something for all intents and purpose.


At any rate let me continue to the principle point, the Tricia Santos’ fifteenth Bday Celebration. So how was it? For me, that was decent and a heart bombing occasion. Heart falling flat since none of the Pinoy housemates went to her gathering. Pleasant on the grounds that paying little heed to what befell her gathering, toward the end we’ve seen her grinned and teared to satisfaction since she realized that her family and companions are there to cherish her.


I truly feel frustrated about Tricia.


Not until fans and her supporters plurked, tweeted, and refreshed their Facebook dividers with great words for Tricia. [I’m one of them really ]


I enjoyed it when Tricia admitted to BB. She didn’t shouted to the most astounding level and acknowledged the truth that She’s not so much enjoyed by her housemates in Villa. I can’t give you the precise words that she said yet I guarantee you they are for the most part so great to hear. You know, as a fan that stresses for her sentiments, She leaved a confirmation to everyone that She’s alright.

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